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AMCC members at Yakushima Island, Japan

AMCC members at Yakushima Island, Japan

Four AEON Malaysia Cheers Club (AMCC) members that won Eco Contest 2016/2017, received an all expense paid 4days / 3 nights study trip to Yakushima Island Japan, a UNESCO’s World Nature Heritage Site. There were total of 39 members from Cheers Club Japan and Malaysia that participated at the biodiversity tour. They stayed at Yakushima Education Culture Centre for an ice breaking session, brief introduction about the tour and environmental awareness talk. On the second day, the members went to explore a miracle forest named Yakusugi Land where there were numbers of cedar that survived at the forest for more than 1,000 years. After that, the participants went to observe one of the top 100 waterfall in Japan that is Ooko Waterfall. At night, they walked surround the education centre in a group. They have been walked to the nearest nature park in silence and dark to explore the nature environment and appreciate the nature with all senses that they have. At night the members shared their experience from all of the activities they participated in the tour.

Early in the morning, the members gain knowledge about people of Yakushima’s tradition to respect the Nature for hiking activities. After that, they went to water hydraulic power plant station for an education about the renewable energy supply. It was shared that the renewable energy supply at the Yakushima Island plays a very important role as consumption of the renewable energy by the residential sector and related industries were 99.8%.

The tour continues to Yakusugi museum to explore the secret of the long life Yakusugi Land and its cedar. The members were then going to Kei Suisan fisheries outlet to learn about smoked flying fish which has produced by the outlet and its practices to avoid waste to the environment. At this outlet, the members enjoy their experience to clean fish. They continue to observe Yakusugi industrial art and experience to make their own chopsticks. At night, members shared their findings of the tour and to discuss what are their mission to preserve the environment after this tour. Before the closing ceremony, the members shared their mission to preserve the environment among all members.

At the end of the program, all participants received their certificate of participation from the General Manager of Corporate Citizenship AEON Co. Ltd; Miss Kanamaru Haruko.

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