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AMCC International Eco Tour 2016

AMCC International Eco Tour 2016

Part 1

In the wonderful morning in Yakushima Island, we explored the world certificated forest of Yakusugi (Pine Tree) and learned the history of Yakushima people living with the forest. Then, we got a chance to visit the biggest waterfall in Yakushima Island, the Fall of Okawa, and observed the bedrock of Yakushima at the waterfall with 88m difference of elevation! After the waterfall, we had a walk in the laurel forests of the world at West Woodland Path and examined the mystery of small body in the forest, which a lot of Yakusika and Yakuzaru are living on Yakushima Island. The tour continued with observing more than 500 years old Banyan tree at Shitoko Kajumaru Park and other subtropical plants and ended the day with night hike and starry sky appreciation at 7000 years old forest. We are already thinking of the next day before the end of the amazing day!

Part 2

It’s another day! We started with learning about the ecology of sea turtles at Inakahama beach, the place that has the most loggerhead turtles in Japan. During the process, we listened to the personnels who are protecting the beach for the endangered turtles. We then moved to Yakusugi Nature Museum to learn about the secret of longevity of Yakusugi and its relation with the locals through forestry movie. Furthermore, we also had the opportunity to learn about the clean energy initiatives on Yakushima Island, which covers 99.8% of annual energy production of the island. After studying the tree and clean energy, we had an inspection at Kei Suisan Fisheries to learn about the special product comes from the Yakushima environment and inspired the wisdom that never create waste to damage the nature. What comes next was witnessing Yakusugi industrial products and made the unique chopsticks to experience Yakusugi industrial arts. In addition, we learned about the fascinating history of Yakushima Island. Thereafter, we had a special lecture by Mr C.W. Nicol on the initiative of biodiversity. Nevertheless, we had a sharing session in exploring everything we have learned and the meaning behind them. Well, that was another wonderful day in Japan!

Part 3

Good morning! That’s it, the last day on Yakushima Island, Japan. After the fulfilling breakfast, we looked back the entire learning tour and shared the personal impression with the group. We also concluded the journey by promising to make use of this precious experience in daily life to create a sustainable living environment for everyone on Earth. At the end of the trip, we packed our baggage and left the place with a head full of happy memories and invaluable knowledge after the closing ceremony. Albeit the tour has ended, the experience and the passion towards a better world lived in our hearts forever.

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